Dental / Vision / Hearing

Designed to cover the three holes in your head not covered by Medicare.

These plans are offered on a guaranteed issue basis which means there is no underwriting with the stroke of a pen you are covered.

To protect themselves from adverse selection (sign up slap them with a big claim and saying see you later) they have waiting periods for major work.

If you are just going for cleanings and x-rays you usually come out on the shorter end of the stick with these plans. What you really need to consider is what your own history and family history has in store for your future dental work. If you have some fillings, caps or crowns - they tend to need to be replaced as you age and that is an expensive proposition. I have had dozens of clients ask about Dental coverage when they need to get major work done and they are saddened to find that they can get it but it won't help them now because of the waiting periods.

An investment in keeping your mouth and gums healthy has great rewards in keeping your overall health.

Dental Benefits 

These plans usually have a low benefit to begin with and progressively increase benefits until you get to the plan maximum percentages. A good plan will pay up to 80% or 90% in just a few years. Some of these plans will lower your benefit percentage if you do not get periodic cleanings and exams.

They all pretty much help you with the inexpensive cleanings and x-rays.

Some plans pay for Dentures and Bridges and some do not. It is important to look for those benefits as you age.

The earlier you purchase these plans the more you will enjoy the benefits for major work later in life. Don't wait until you need the work done to make a purchase you will be disappointed.

Vision Benefits 

To be honest there really is not much here in these plans.

With Medicare - if it is a Medical Condition like cataracts or glaucoma or macular degeneration - you are covered. What Medicare does not cover is the vision check and corrective lenses.

With these plans if you purchase no frills glasses it works well, but who does that anymore?

Expect a policy Maximum per year of about $150

Hearing Benefits 

A good plan will actually pay for hearing aids.

There usually is a policy maximum benefit per year.

The secret here is to not buy two hearing aids at once. Buy one and wait for your next policy year to purchase the second one. YES it is important to know your policy anniversary so you can plan your hearing aid purchases to get the best bang for your insurance dollar.

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